Hi my name is Mark. I am a Team BeachBody coach and this site is my personal blog. I am help others get fit and healthy.

I try to keep it simple and have little small tidbits of my life and my experiences in this site.

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  1. Debbie says:

    WE grew up in SD! My mom worked at UCSD!! Hey we just got introduced to P90x. Do you have to do them in a certain order? How many are there? Did you post ALL of the P90x exercises? If not, what percentage?? We are tango dancers but my husband injured his knee. He’s hiking steep mountains now though and slowly getting back into tango. Nonetheless we need a better WORKOUT!!! It gets too hot outside and I hate the gym…we have an exercise/dance room…Thanks!

    • mark says:

      Yes, the p90x program is a specific that you follow sunday through saturday. There are 13 dvds that you follow. I have the worksheets for the dvds if thats what you mean for the exercises.

  2. Jacob says:


    If you need a better workout try missionbaybootcamp.com or try bikramyoga.com, I do like what I see with the P90X program. missionbaybootcamp.com is basically the same thing with ordinary people turning there life around with nutrition and intense workouts not in the gym but with body weight and slight weights. Look up davedepew.com


  3. steph says:

    Hi, Mark!

    I was refer by Sean, one of your fellow beachbody coach, to ask you advice about how I should train and maintain my training for a marathon. Since, at the moment I have stop running a mile in the morning (my time used to 30min, but it improve to 25 minutes and i would of reach my goal or close to my goal, which is to run a mile in 5 min or less) because I stay up late at night to finish or to start my HW and study for my college courses. I would run in the afternoon, but I’m too tired after work and school. Therefore, I workout in my school gym with 30 min cardio and 45 min strength training on thursdays with a friend. So, what can I do training wise because i do want to reach my goals to run a mile 5 min or less, lose weight, and to tone up!

    – steph

  4. Can I use this if im sensitive to caffine or is the product completly free from caffine?

  5. Jonathan says:

    Mark, thanks for the videos. I have been in intense training for a year. I am looking to significantly bulk up but stay trim. Currently I swim, bike, and run with a group, but would like to do some intense workouts. 1hr per day seems almost like not enough time. My question is, the dvd, do you have to keep switching them. It is easy to manage etc. Can they run on computer. Also, what weights should I start with> Currently I curl 45lb. should I drop the weights due to the amount of reps.



    • mark says:

      it all depends. each day is a different video between weight type workouts and cardio. the push up ones are max reps while other arm and shoulder workouts are weighted and depending on your goals of getting stronger or to lean out you do 12-15 or 8-10 reps. If you curl 45lbs then it depends on the number of reps you can do continuously. i was able to do 20-22.5 continuously when I was doing it. the workouts are structured to keep you moving and there isn’t much rest between sets. seems like you are doing triathlon and this can surely help in those.

  6. Stephan says:

    Hi Mark,
    Congratulations on your success with P90X.
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  7. I’m a huge fan of Loved ones Man and I occasionally like American Dad so I thought this could be my sort of humor.!!! Boy was I drastically wrong..

  8. Great post! I couldn’t agree more. This is great information, so I appreciate your research into it. Thanks again!

  9. Mary Conde says:

    Hey I like your blog !

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  11. I’ve done and continue to use at home workout DVD’s. I am a P90X advocate and still enjoy it. The “Insanity” workout is just that, INSANEly difficult. I consider myself in an advanced category (or very close) in cardio workouts, however it took me three weeks to finish any of the workouts for the duration. I found that after 30 minutes I was struggling to muster enough energy to complete the entire workout at the expected pace. Not for the weak. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the actual participants take breaks during the routine. Unless your ready to workout out to exhaustion, don’t buy this yet. Try P90X and P90X+ workouts. If you can finish those without any breaks or exhaustion then this might work for you!


  12. Jim says:

    I’m new to beachbody and P90X. It’s good to have the more experiences guys like yourself around. Your facebook sites are terrific.

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