Back into Running

I just started running again. It feels great. I don’t know how to really explain how happy it is to be able to run. I’ve actually been struggling with it for the past year and a half.

I have been dealing with Patellofemoral Syndrome or PFS. It is not fun. I also had this heel issue with nerves and tingling in my left foot which led me to not be able to bend over too much and didn’t allow me to lift my left leg up too high.

I had to do some nerve flossing or stretching which helped a lot. Over the last 6 months, I can say that it went away and I was super happy about it. I was trying to do stretches which eventually helped it go away or actually helped me deal with the tingling and the pain.

For a little bit, I thought it had to do with a sciatic nerve. But went to the doctor and they recommended somethings for me to do and it helped.

The PFS is still there, but it is manageable. I am doing some pilates type moves with my legs to help strengthen my hips and butt which is the cause for the issue.

But I have been able to run 5 miles over 3 weeks time multiple times. I want to run more, but my schedule is tough. Daylight savings might be able to help me fit in more runs.

I’ll keep you posted.

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