Focus T25 Alpha Phase Review

T253The first 5 weeks of Focus T25 were good. I knew that the workouts were going to be short but not sweet. Shaun T has made a great program here for those people that want a great workout without the long 40-60 minute length. I remember going through Insanity and thinking that these workouts were short, only comparing them to programs like P90X. I did want to focus on eating better. I didn’t want to commit to eating super strict because I knew that the results would fall off after the program was done. I knew that I could make some changes to my eating habits and get to a point where I knew what I needed to do to sustain a healthier eating habit and weight loss. I did shoot for the 1600 calories. When I was doing P90X and Insanity, I was at the 2400 calorie mark.

I did like the program setup. Initially I was gung ho about working out a a certain time of day and getting the workout in. I was alternating between evenings and early mornings. I was not able to sustain the workouts that way because of the short rest period between each day. It did not give my muscles ample time to rest only leaving about 12 hours between some days.The friday workouts threw me off a little only because there was two of them. I sometimes split them and did the second on Saturday or Sunday. For the most party, I did skip the stretch on Sundays.

The initial weeks of the program, I really did feel that I accomplished as much as I could. I made the best effort and pushed as much as I could. I did find that my calves burned most of the time with the alpha videos. I was doing my workouts in Vibram shoes. They did not offer much cushion but I felt that they did make the workout tougher. My progression through the weeks did really show. I was at a point where I was glad that the Alpha workouts were done because I was getting bored and wanted a change.

If you are looking for a new workout and don’t have all the time, this workout really does give you a great workout. If you stick to the diet, you will see results. I lost 10 pounds in the first phase. I did not take measurements, but my clothes fit better. As the weeks went by, I noticed my appetite for other foods were diminishing along with the help of using Shakeology to help curb my appetite and helping to supplement my health with the shakes.

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