Getting back into it

It probably been too long since I have made a post, but here it is. So what’s new on my side. My wife is 7  months pregnant now and we are in the last trimester. Other than that we are sailing through.

I am just getting over an injury that probably occurred back in February that led to me having to stop normal exercise in March and April. I had patellofemoral pain syndrome. It was painful. It affected my knee and doing normal things like going down the stairs and getting up and down from sitting in a chair.

The last couple of months have been tough with my weight mainly because of the injury and my weak mindset to keep it thing healthier. Anyhow I am trying to stay on goal with running again. I love running. No matter what I do, I would rather run that do any other exercise period. No need for a video or weights, just some running clothes, my shoes and my garmin with heart rate monitor.

I just finished an 8 mile run this past Saturday. Getting faster every week. Started at 5 miles and ramped up a mile each week till I got to mile 8 this past weekend. My goal is to get back in shape where I can get to a sub 2 hour half marathon again. Its going to take some work, but I want to be in that shape again. I am currently at around a 12 min/mile pace which would put me at around 2:37 min half marathon, so I have some improvement that I want to do. Along with this goal I plan to lose weight because as I get faster the weight will help me get faster.

I am starting Insanity during the week, because I know that workout will help me get to the goal of under 2 hours. Plus it did last time when I first did Insanity.

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