Polar Loop Review

I wanted to write this review based on my experiences with a Polar Loop. I wanted to get an activity tracker that would track my steps initially. I am a tech kind of guy so I like these types of things.

I got it for a Christmas present and have been wearing it since December 24th everyday and night while I am in bed. So I think the stats I have are pretty good. I initially charged it the night I got it till 100% pretty quickly. It seemed like it was like 10 minutes. It had a charge of about 60% at the time. It took me a while to figure out how to install the software on my computer and create an account. Once I did I was able to get on the app and get stats for my Polar Loop.

One thing I noticed and I wasn’t sure about things was trying to understand the different levels of activity. You have Not worn, resting, sitting, low, medium and high. You do get alerts on your phone if you want to get up and move. That is helpful in staying active throughout the day with being at my desk in front of a computer all day. I do have to recharge it every 2-4 days depending on how much I check up on it. It does say that it should last 5-7 but I am not seeing that.

I did want to get something but wasn’t sure about a Fitbit or Nike Fuel Band. I guess I wanted something different. One of the many things that I noticed initially was the amount of sleep that I didn’t get. I was average less than 6 hours a day during the weekdays. I guess I don’t really have much improvement in that area.

There is an optional heart rate strap, but I opted out since I have a Garmin already.

I was able to test with a Nike Fuel Band over the weekend. I used both the Polar and the Nike Fuel Band side by side on the same wrist. There was a definite difference on the steps that I noticed. I was almost getting double on my Polar Loop compared to the Nike. The Nike is tied to their own website and has the ability to give you achievements on their site from Nike+. I am a current member there and have used Nike+ in many runs in the past. It is nice to see achievements and also it allows you to be social and have friends to view your stats vs theirs.

The app that is associated with it is very basic in my opinion. It shows the 5 levels of activity and how much of each day you spend in each. It gives you a daily goal status that you can’t even change. It gives suggestions on what you can do to his your goal each day. Some of them are really weird. Like I can do 3 hours of baking or 3 hours of washing dishes. Who is going to do that? Then it gives you number of calories you might have burned throughout the day, the number of steps you have taken, the time you are active and overall amount of sleep that day. I was looking for more specifics, like my sleep pattern. Can it tell me how much I move at night.

All in all, the Polar Loop is a great activity tracker. I might look into other ones, Garmin just came out with one that I am more interested in but for the meantime, I will use this.


Update 11/13/2014

There have been some updates since I have been using this for a year now. The battery life has not really changed overall. It does last 3-4 days depending on whether or not that I have checked the status on the Polar Loop or not. I did not purchase the heart rate strap still. There was at one point during July where the device did stop working. Lucky for me it was still under warranty. I send it in because it wouldn’t turn on because it would not charge. I didn’t know if it was the cable or the Polar Loop. I did get a new one back. There have been some significant updates to the app on my iPhone. It does tell you your activity throughout the day and your sleep. I do not like the fact that if I were to fall back asleep it will not count that to my total sleep time. My wife and I just had our second baby and I wake up to help and the time I wake up is shown, but when I go back to sleep after half an hour, it doesn’t add that back into my sleep. The app did just update to be able to sync to Apple’s Health app. It shows heartrate, steps and workout info from the Polar Loop. So I can view those stats on the Health app.


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