Team in Training: San Diego Tri Classic

downloadSo I have officially signed up to do another event for Team In Training. It is my third event. I am doing the San Diego Tri Classic in September. I had my first official Team in Training yesterday. It was my first swim. We did some stretching to start out with on the floor with our towels and they were new to me. They weren’t the toughest but they did get my blood flowing.

After that, we headed to the pool. Jacque, our swim coach led us into some swim drills. We started off with balance positions in the water. We did some X, T and I positions to realize our balance in the water. I did have some struggle there. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We then moved on to some kick drills and balance drills to learn some basic moves for swimming. I felt that I did have a sense of balance when I did do these. It felt easier to do these than to do the balance drills.

We first did KOF, kick on front. We kept our arms to our sides and then we would kick facing down towards the floor. We would turn around and then breath and repeat for 25 meters. The one thing I kept thinking in my head was to kick from my hips rather than from my knees to get a stronger kick. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.

We then did KOF with arms out pointed. I think this was a great drill. I felt really streamlined and balanced. They kept talking about having our heels out of the water and I was doing this during this drill. I wasn’t able to do it during the balance drill stuff though.

We then did KOS, kick on side drills. One arm out front and to kick on side. We had to just turn our heads up to breathe while we would put our heads down to direct our path. After this was done, they split us up into two groups. One for those that had this down and those that didn’t. I think I was good enough to go on to the better group.

Once we headed down to the deep end, I realized that I wasn’t so great. We started off with vertical kick drills. I have never done these in my life. It was like learning how to wade in the pool. I did some of it as much of it as I could, but realized it was harder than anything I have done in the pool. I want to progress in this drill so that it will help me become a stronger swimmer. We did this drill about 3 times, twice with our hands to help and one without our hands. The last two we did 90 degree turns in the water. I had to stay near the pools side to catch my breathe.

After that our coach told us to do some drills that we did in the beginning. 5 sets of 50. Doing all the drills we learned in the very beginning. I was a little nervous at first. I was scared of the deep end and I was scared of the distance. It was only a 25 meter pool. At the end of all the drills, I was tired. I felt somewhat nauseous and I wanted to lay down. I think it will get easier. I hope it does. I know the running and cycling won’t be so tough though.

Until next time. GO TEAM.


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